The Pixel Fold 2 may never be released after all, Google reportedly has other plans

Instead of continuing the separate branding of “Pixel Fold line” , the 2024 foldable could go in with the current Pixel 9 Pro Fold name to use. Google may adopt the flagship Pixel handle for its future foldable device based on the remark from Android Authority which suggests that the search giant may add the foldable phone to the flagship lineup.

Advanced positioning of the next device in the series Pixel 9 could be a good start to combat the criticism that the initial Pixel Fold Phone resembled the common smartphones less.

Android Authority has learned that Google has adjusted the internal codenames of its Pixel devices scheduled for late 2024 as follows:Android Authority has learned that Google has adjusted the internal codenames of its Pixel devices scheduled for late 2024 as follows:

-Pixel 9 (codenamed “tokay”).

-Under the code name “caiman,” Pixel 9 Pro would be the future flagship product of the Pixel lineup.

-Pixel 9 Pro XL (from the savage, “komodo”)

-There is reason to believe that the follow-up from the Pixel Fold’s successor will introduces the foldable phone with the code “Rocket”.

The “comet” product had originally some code-name Pixel Fold 2; however it’s not clear if Google now wants to introduce the under the Pixel 9 brand as a separate device from the Pro. It could turn out that the “Pixel 9 Pro Fold” becomes the reality, and thus the most prominent feature in the progression of the foldable model could be that the second-generation of such phone would be very close to the original formula and will in most cases have the same hardware specs as the Pixel 9 Pro. Probably, the details are enough to say that it will be paired with Google’s own Chip Tensor G4.

Through this strategy, Google’s approach will be different from that of its competitors, like Samsung. Samsung will never replicate the design of its flagship phones, such as Galaxy Z Fold and Samsung Galaxy S. The schedule always can be challenged before the fall of 2024. which is planned to be the launch. Although Google has managed to keep the details of the Pixel series devices in secret under lock and key for a long period of time, Android Authority has come forward with some very specific information about the Pixel 9 series that has been completely accurate since it was published, so every single thing we know now suggests there will be 4 devices when the device is launched at the end of the upcoming year.