One UI 6.1 disables notifications on Galaxy smartphones, here’s how to fix it

The upgrade of the UI 6.1 can be perceived as mainly a define improvement for Galaxy as phones. Besides general improvements on a system and battery part, the younger than S24 devices now has many AI features that come with the new version of the famed smartphones of the Galaxy S-line. However, as usual, the other side of the coin shines the most – they have caught us with their technical bugs.

Since the update was pushed outazi, users have experienced plenty of issues with unresponsive fingerprint scanners, and at times the phone would just slow down indefinitely thanks to the Discover feature. I won’t dwell much on it, if that’s okay. Now, in their posts and other platforms, numerous people voice their complaints because the notifications about problems can not be delivered. It might be the problem that every smartphone that can be updated gets the problems solved.

The great thing is that we have figured out the cause of pain. As its name implies, the highlight feature of the One UI 6.1, besides many others, is a new setting called Category Notification Management on each app. No doubt, when this feature is started, the user doesn’t have to care about the kinds of alerts from each app. Instead, all notifications from each application are admitted.

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Generally, speech is automatically enabled when you finish installing the update though you can opt to disable it. It can be programmed sometimes but tends to be a spontaneous process most of the time. If the last time you’ve received app updates on your galaxy smartphone was more than a couple of days ago, there’s a high probability you that you have been affected as well. So here’s how to disable this option:So here’s how to disable this option:

-Open Android’s Settings

-Next go to Notification Section.

-A tap Advanced Settings menu, already at the very bottom of the display screen.

Agree with the Note that for each specific app Manage Notification categories is Disabled .

Thank you for your inquiry. The problem is now resolved.