Google Pixel 9: You won’t need an internet connection to use its AI anymore

Pixel, the new series from Google, is anticipated to launch the evolution with Pixel 9. Holes and recently distributed leakage sketches show us that the new version could have a special look compared to the previous variant. It’s either a jewelry piece with sharper and angular profiling and in pale golden-yellow hues that seem to mark an era of growth from the rounded appearance of the Pixel 8 Pro. Those modifications in design style are meant to enhance the series’ image and make the usability of the products better.

Pixel 8 needs an internet connection all the time to benefit the most from the AI that are a part of it only to experience latency issues in the course of losing the connection. Furthermore, it poses a question of privacy since processing is done in the cloud thereon. Consider a user traveling outside his or her home country that had a connection break strangely or is simply gone and so he or she cannot translate a conversation in real-time.

The Pixel 9 smartphone may have implemented a much advanced AI with the power to run on its own, thanks to the new Tensor G4 processor on board for that. This breakthrough in resolving the problem of a reliable connection will ensure the uninterrupted mode of operations while maintaining the security of personal information.

Owing to the AI incorporated to the Pixel 9, many enhancements over older phones will be experienced by users. The phone will accommodate for voice-to-text, automatic translation, and photo organizing without needing a computer also, all of these tasks will be done using the phone itself.

There is a breakthrough in this connection with the Pixel 9, which will form a derivation that will clearly determine the new smartphone. And it will be the first time for the Exynos 5400 modem, which is designed to provide more stable networks, to be visible. Besides, this revisable model is also equipped with a SCS for emergency SMS. This innovation is very critical for everybody to safe and to called emergency services during critical situations. It is considered an unusual combination of renewed design, on-board artificial intelligence and these smartphones’ connectivity options that make up the plot of the new smartphones series and that is responsible for the increasing expectations of consumers around its launch.