Honor MagicOS 8.0, the international rollout of the new interface kicks off

Honor began selling in international area MagicOS most new generation that is inspired by Android 14 being the main theme. The novel UI was announced in China at the beginning of 2024. It was our turn to follow it and uncover the news that it carried regarding artificial intelligence (the AI sector is and always will be in a global leadership position). On the subject we have published an article and a video.

Here in the Reddit as it is also, that Honor to China does the UI no longer by redistributing it. None of the users who have the build have disclosed their updates to Reddit, but among those who transmitted a general public notice, most of their contentious devices were the ones belonging to a Magic5 model, and mainly they don’t reside in Europe. Pace and scale of the implementation of novel technologies can be initially as slow and local maybe due to uncertainty around probable side effects. After the first series of tests to verify the no harm done, upgrade should become even more rapid and the number of zones where they rollout should rise.

The news, however, remains: at last, about three months after the local market presentation, Honor’s MagicOS 8.0 gets outside Chinese boundaries and into international market. During the coming weeks it will be dispensed in all parts of the world where the devices are currently being used.¬†Artificial Intelligence (AI) device is distinctive from its key competitors, Samsung and Google, which have concentrated on the applicability of AI as a tool for “fast and direct” tasks; however, Honor focuses on an integrated AI system that participates in all aspects of the use.

MagicOS 8.0 incorporates a general language model working on MagicLM, which was co-developed with and optimized for Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, adding a total of 7 billion parameters. The MagicLM offers a range of AIs capabilities like the feature to generate video from natural language command and the ability to pick a specific frame as well. Central of the new experience Magic Portal is, a moment suggestion shortcut menat for users who want to use at same time from multiple service apps, like switching and mobile apps with a tap.