Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be released in August, but the covers are already here

Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be released in August, likely on the 10th, though official confirmations are lacking. It’s almost certain that Samsung’s next foldable won’t mark a revolution compared to the current generation, at least according to what rumours have told us so far. The picture of the situation is starting to be well painted, lately there has also been talk of the rear photographic sector which, contrary to what emerged before, should retain a layout very similar – if not identical – to that of the Fold 3.

To confirm the rumor, the images have been published by MobileFun, an English site that sells accessories that often anticipates in its catalog the solutions – even original ones – that we will find on the market once the expected product is presented. There are two covers on display, among others already available for pre-order: the first is the leather – Genuine Leather Greygreen Cover Case – which is a different colour to the green of the Z Fold 3. It is likely that the smartphone will also be offered in this new color.

The second is the Black Case with S Pen: black, with the external housing for the nib, absolutely identical to the one from 2021. And, news within news, it’s a definitive confirmation that the S Pen won’t be integrated even this year. The third accessory is a replacement film for the one pre-installed on the internal screen by Samsung: it is likely that the South Korean company has decided to make it easier to replace it in case of stains or dirt on the edges.

Below is the list of the original covers and movies in the catalog shared by MobileFun.

From the images shared by the English site, it can be deduced that Z Fold 4 – externally – will have a lot in common with the current model. The only difference should be in the slightly wider and lower form factor, to make the foldable more comfortable to hold. And speaking of folds, that of the 2022 edition should be less evident than in the past.