The Galaxy S24 could turn into a small gaming PC thanks to this technology from AMD

The latest Galaxy-series smartphones produced by Samsung have always ranked among the most anticipated devices annually. And of course the forthcoming Galaxy S24 is not going to be an exception. Although we are already familiar with the design of the products and even a significant part of their technical data, what an important Korean media communication has just disclosed is one of the features that this generation will have.

The Galaxy S24 has been optimized to be purposely gaming-oriented with a unique GPU run at a much higher frequency than on other Smartphone using the Android Operating System. However, it is the news of the technical development from AMD that should excite all gamers.

Samsung is working with Qualcomm and AMD to introduce the FSR technology to include in the Galaxy S24, as reported by AjuNews. While this is not an exact speed hack (GTA V PhysX rendering is similar to Nvidia’s DLSS), it does contribute to the improved image quality and the number of frames per second, in a way.

Most commonly, DSR uses a technique known as supersampling. It renders images at a lower resolution and uses a spatial scaling algorithm to trick the brain into seeing a higher resolution environment. Unlike DLSS where there is only proprietary cards manufacturing it, it has the open source aspect which allows it to run on many more graphic cards.

A few months ago Snapdragon technology could stream Resident Evil Village to Samsung S24 that will mark the fact that it is the first time when the Snapdragon slots can utilize PC and console games too. If one company puts their games for smartphone, the other developers will follow the trend. It`s yet too early to say anything for separte studios but it`s quite exciting to experience, that such little devices soon will support gaming requirements of a regular PC.

Another report has just been published to add to the smartphone leaks, speculating that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 will be disclosed in the US on January 17, which is in accord with some other tipsters. That’s right, we will now have only the quarter of the year to discover their backstory.