The Galaxy S22 will get the same AI features as the S24, but not all of them

The news came out a few weeks ago: with the Galaxy S22 following in the footsteps of the Galaxy S24, it is now ready with AI features. This is a huge relief for anyone who owns a newer smartphone model, since the feature was slated to be exclusive for only the devices rolled out in 2023. Moreover, the fact that the latest ground breakers are also going to have this functionality is something that makes the whole thing more exciting. Contrarily, the intel remained as the stage of rumor, until this moment. Samsung continues forward; this time it is a good one.

The list of devices that will soon be upgraded to One UI 6.1 is still long, and this list will feature the company‚Äôs much-touted AI functions, too.Here’s the full list:

-Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, S22 Ultra 3rd generation familly

-Galaxy Z Flip 4

-Galaxy Z Fold 4

-Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8 Plus , Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Additionally, Samsung reduces the need for hassle by providing the update’s output window. This is scheduled to get onto your apt devices codes in May.

However, there’s a catch. It is important to mention that not all features will be available on these devices, as this is only just the beginning. Therefore, this is because learning Instant Slo Mo to speed up any video in the gallery and also adapting wallpapers to weather won’t be read much. The other hand, the others will be open for you.

Here’s the full list:

-To find, let us Circled Search, which all begins with a circle drawn around items that to be found on the screen.

– In your website, give summary about various pages and articles on the web.

-Summary of notes

-Advanced photo editing

-Creating wallpapers from text

-Instant Transmission Text and Voice through translation.

-Spell check

All of these features will come until this July/August that was planned to be released on Samsung 2022 smartphones. We’ll try to get that information to you as soon as we know when it could come up in discussion.