Twitter, new features for video, and the API Pro plan starting at $5,000 per month

Twitter is preparing to introduce an unprecedented tool for managing videos published on its platform. To reveal the news coming to the app, Andrea Conway, product designer at Elon Musk’s company: essentially, it’s a set of options gathered in a menu that includes subtitles, playback speed, video sharing, downloading and sending a report.

The imminent introduction of these tools shows the desire to give more and more weight to videos on the social network in order to compete directly with YouTube, Instagram and TikTok: to tell the truth, some of these features were already present, but the menu, in addition to proposing new ones, tries to bring order by allowing users to have all the features (videos) available in one place. In response to some tweets, the designer did not rule out releasing other tools in the future, such as picture-in-picture support and the ability to manually set the resolution.

Another major new feature coming is the Pro API for developers: the new access level costs $5,000 per month and includes the ability to:

Limited access to v2 endpoint suite, filtered streaming, search included
Access to 1 million tweets per month
Access to 300,000 tweets per month with an app-level post limit
activate 3 app IDs
log in with Twitter
There is also the option of unlimited access to the search in the tweet archive. Keep in mind that the free APIs were disabled at the beginning of April.

For many startups, the price is probably too high and there are already complaints about too many restrictions that companies say are present in the basic plan starting at 100 dollars per month. There are now three plans available: free (but now only for write-only use cases and Twitter API testing), basic ($100), Pro ($5,000), and Enterprise.