TikTok: You can now make money by spending a lot of time on the app

The growth of Tiktok is terrifying, and the desire to launch new apps is happening carefully. Last inclusivity, the social network actually published the formal launching of the new platform, Notes, which is exclusively designed to photography. Unless, this was the other service usage of which we were not aware earlier; we were without a formal communication from the company.Its name: TikTok Lite. Its goal: because advertisers will be paying you just to watch some of your videos.

It was during the very end of the month of March when the new app came out in France and Spain and there were only Android devices that it was installed. How it works couldn’t be clearer: the longer you stick around and watch the app and videos, the higher you get recognized. Hence, by constructing an account, you get 300 game coins as a reward. Follow peering creators throughout 3 days and collect 150 game coins. Post-reading questions: 1. The speaker expresses their frustration about the struggles of being a broke college student when they say: At the end of the day, it’s hard to maintain a positive outlook when you’re constantly stuck in this cycle of financial shortcomings. They feel defeated and dem

You can get other ways of additional monetary coins. For instance, only 4500 coins are awarded for signing up within the first 10 days, while a person could invest that much as quick as in only 25 minutes by just watching videos. Similarly, the users are frequently given missions through the app notifications that can help to cash them out a little bit more. These divisible coins, in turn, can be converted into electronic cards ,which can only be used in Amazon at the moment.

Virtual coins, amounting to 10,000 must first be won, before you can claim the 1 euro gift voucher. Take care, provided the user’s age is at least twenty-one and they have a bank account. The point is that virtual money also serves for tipping to your favorite creator that will ultimately enable you to receive payment as well. As of now, this new mechanism is in an experimental stage in TikTok, hence, this is the reason why they have not yet disclosed their exploration on the app. The objective, on the other hand, is clear: exploit them, from the promotion of their applications to an increase in the number of their users on its platform.