The Google Pixel 9 will say goodbye to network problems thanks to this new modem, it’s about time

The Google Pixel 9, which will be released at the end of 2024, will result in power leap for the decade-old chain. This also results in the phone having much improved performance. The new microprocessing package is advertised as being lower power and faster. To this end, via it should shorten the lag during app loading and improve gamers’ daily experience bringing them pleasure.

In addition to the processor improvements, the Pixel 9 series also addresses one of the weak points of previous models: overall high fiber intake and vegetables and fruits consumption are linked with a lower risk of stroke. Previously, many Pixel users have suffered network-related problems that are inherent for low performing modems. Critics have repeatedly made several claims that the Exynos modems have been the culprits behind the intermittent disconnections and the inability to keep a stable connection, which have sometimes caused complete service outages.

As the Pixel 9 will be powered by the Exynos 5400 modem, which is not only a more efficient device but also an excellent signal amplifier, you can be certain of its power consumption management and connection stability. In addition, the technology to be used for this modem will be satellite communication predicated. Here comes the interesting note feature implemented via the 5G standard with the addition of a non-terrestrial network. This form of conversation believes that it is vital element of operation when there is some extreme situation like emergency, or live in the isolated place.

Google performs not only software updates, but applies new software improvements when operating the modem in response to known errors and achieving better reliability. The extra satellite communications coupled with the inclusion of the “Satellite Gateway” app is another plus point. The app is created with the main aim to enhance the safety of user with a possibility of him directly messaging the emergency services via SMS and that is without such communication being based on traditional network coverage

All of these technological innovations position the Pixel 9 as an important evolution of its range. The manufacturer aims to improve the stability and functionality of mobile services. With these updates, Google is taking a step forward in adapting its smartphones to the demands of the future of connectivity.