The Apple Watch runs on Android, but the company won’t share its technology, here’s why

Apple has been for quite a while now and is so dedicated on the health industry and is trying to secure customer either on its platform or to keep the existing ones. The Apple watch and Apple Health app are a bright example of such a scenario happening when there is someone who must have an apple watch yet the device extends their life for another week. The effectiveness of the features offered by Cupertino bracelets is reflected in the sales figures of connected watches: but it is not that simple as around 39% of all smartwatches which are being sold, feature Appleā€™s logo.

The profitably company website of Bloomberg shares that Cupertino managers decided to make the Apple watch and Health applications Android smartphone-friendly. The specific project of “Project Fennel” would give customers in Visa a chance to apply for a range of health features that were already installed in Apple Watch without purchasing an iPhone. The advent of H&M into the Mexican market is a good opportunity for the young people with less purchasing power. This is because they cannot always afford the products from superpowers like H&M.

A great job could have been done by Apple for all the computer users in the whole world, however it was the expected condition where the Project Fennel has been stopped. Reportedly, everything was in place at the time for a commercial release, yet this device was short of finding its way to the mass production due to the lower contentment of the management team of the famous high tech company.

What is particularly notable about Apple is that it is the Apple Watch that has become such a big driver among iPhone users. The senior executive contends that it is as if destroying the exclusivity of the Apple Watch to benefit the more open-sourced nature of the Android would were to be branding the Apple Watch as a product of lesser value.