Spotify Increases the Amount of News: Communities and Feeds for Live Events

There are two new features for Spotify: one has already been completed and announced, the other is in development. And if one is intended to strengthen the contact between users and artists, the other is designed to increase that between users.

Let’s start with the first one, communicated by the platform through its official blog. Remember the “Concert Hub”, which is the place in the app where you can search for live events from your favorite and non-favorite artists? Here it has been redesigned and renamed “Live Events Feed”.

In Italian, to be clear, just enter “Live Events” in the app’s search field to view the new feed. The list of events shown is customized according to the area the user is in and is created by using the information provided by Spotify’s ticketing partners – i.e. ticketing partners: Ticketmaster, AXS, DICE, Eventbrite, See Tickets, and others.

Users can now choose to be notified of live events in their area and while listening to a song, information about a live event of the playing artist will be displayed on the screen if a live event is scheduled.

The Spotify Community section is one of the most anticipated novelties for the mobile app. And surprisingly, it’s already partially visible, as evidenced by the tweet you’ll find below. The only way to take a look at it right now is by typing “Spotify: community” into your iOS device’s Safari browser. But what is it about?

Those who use Spotify on PC probably know the “Friend Activity” feature that allows you to see what the users we follow on the app are listening to and who, in turn, are following us. Here, Community brings much the same experience to mobile devices, displaying in real-time the music that friends are streaming and their most recently updated playlists.

Following the leak of the feature, Spotify has decided to break its silence on the matter and confirm that Community has entered the early stages of testing in recent weeks, without, however, revealing further details about its operation. It’s certainly a feature that’s been requested for some time: in 2019, it was one of possibly the most voted news in the open poll on the Spotify forum, but then nothing was done. But today, the music seems to have changed.