Pixel 9 Pro: stolen photos reveal smartphone with no less than 16 GB of RAM

An online pirate source made available by the Russian website Rozetked have published stolen pictures, which are believed to be from all the sides of the upcoming silver/grey Pixel cell phone, nicknamed 9 Pro. The images corroborate previous renders by highlighting the device’s most striking new design element: a pill-shaped camera module, that is an ingress into the ice.

Such iconic lens styling encourages the idea of a revolutionary breakaway from the flat visor that has characterized all Pixel flagships since the Pixel 6 models. The revamped design now ditches the long bar at the back and incorporates a pill-shaped large island for the camera cluster, along with an LED Flash and the remaining temperature sensor probably from the Pixel 8 Pro.

The mark to recognize is that the front of the device is equipped with curved corners even though no bezels are observed as well as a hole that facilitates a selfie. They look have with a polished finish, especially on the edges and fingerprints accumulation seems to be the most likely outcome. While the chassis of the Pixel 8 Pro retains its square-shaped design, the images reveal that Google has slightly curved the edges of the corners at the sides over what it had last year. It is done by making Pixle9 Pro into a shape similar to the latest versions of iPhone released by Apple. In the market, the thing is directly compared to an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and, in that regard, we will see that it uses a smaller size for its 6.1 inches.

Later, another design adjustment includes placing the SIM tray switch not on the left side but on the bottom edge of the device where the charging port is located. Inspired by the previous model but with some clear design differences, the next smartphone Pixel 9 Pro is shown below as well as its specs. Splash screen gives the device name with the reported codename of caiman and identity the 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM. This will demonstrate the importance of the Pixel 8 Pro, 12 GB RAM v/s its successor, 16 GB RAM with a big jump of 4 GB, which is unusual. Samsung only modified the leaked unit showing 128GB memory inside, still very disappointing as 128GB was the only a change in it.

As Google gets all set to revamp the Pixel 9 series by October, this leading design trend in the real world offers the first breakthrough of what the company might come up with. It is still unclear whether it will find consumers willing to succumb to its mesmerizing menace.