Microsoft Activates Passkeys for Everyone: Goodbye Password

For web browsing and app sign-ins, passkeys as a password-free type of authentication is turning increasingly to be the most used type of authentication, such as Google which introduced them a little bit over a year ago, and so far, there have been over 400 million accounts with this type of password-less authentication. It is Microsoft that are turning the game by easing the passkey program into more user profiles which is now on Windows 11. In reality, Microsoft users can now run those passkeys on Windows, iOS and Android and so on. Working with Microsoft 365 or Copilot (etc) will turn out to be a much more safe, simple, and fast means of doing business.

Absoloutely, the identity verification is a method which will make sure that the process is simplified and that won’t require to be reminded of the password. What’s more, it’s a more secure method: you have a choice between iris recognition, fingerprint, PIN or security key; and after one of them is enabled, you are done with logging in from any of the smart devices instantly.

“Beginning today, you can use a passkey to sign in to your Microsoft account using either your device’s face, fingerprint or PIN on Window, an Android and Apple platforms. With this passkey you will quickly and easily sign in to the Microsoft services like email, business suite or online account management you use every day, and the passkey greatly reduces the risk of your account from being stolen by malicious cyber acts.”

Microsoft has long invested in the implementation of alternative systems to passwords: just think about the Windows Hello (from 2015) or even the FIDO Alliance, having Apple, Google, and others amongst its establishment, being there to do away with password and other usernames.

As for the decision we will see how it works and if we agree on that?