Huawei launches the Pura 70, the new kings of photography on Android?

To everyone’s surprise, Huawei chose to announce the Pura 70 series through a press release rather than hold one of its usual launch events. 4 new smartphones were introduced: the standard Pura 70, the Pura 70 Pro, the Pura 70 Pro+ and the Pura 70 Ultra, the most high-end model.

At the heart of the Pura 70 series is Huawei’s new “Vane Design” philosophy, which brings a new design that is markedly different from previous P-series models. The most striking change is the triangular bump on the camera. The standard Pura 70 has a flat aluminum frame, while the Pro models feature slightly curved edges from front to back. For the more high-end models, Huawei offers special leather-backed variants with gold accents.

When it comes to displays, the Pura 70 series is no slouch. The standard model has a 6.6-inch flat OLED display. But it’s the Pro, Pro+ and Ultra models that really shine with their curved screens on all sides. All four models feature a 6.8-inch FHD+ panel with 1-120Hz adaptive refresh, 1440Hz PWM dimming for smoother brightness adjustments, and a stunning 300Hz touch sampling rate. Huawei’s second-generation Kunlun glass also provides better screen protection.

Reviewing the new developments as usual, Huawei brought a lot to camera. Pura Series (70) are all thge XMAGE computational photographic systems which are specially upgraded by Huawei and contain new image processing capabilities.

The Pro edition of Pura 70 contains a triple P-lens with the main 50- megapixel sensor, a 13- megapixel ultra-wide lens, and a 12- megapixel periscope telephoto lens. As for Pro as well as Pro+ models, the three cameras are the same, just 50 megapixel main paired with 12.5 ultra wide-angle and a 48 macro-telephoto.

Clearly, it’s the Ultra that’s the flagship of the camera phone series, that pushes the envelope of mobile shooting. Its giant primary camera with a 1-inch sensor of 50MP resolution has a hybrid aperture between f/1.6 to f/4.0 for more effective controls on the light get-in. Another 64MP periscope provides digital zoom up to 100x yet give you amazing quality. Huawei proudly states that the Ultra output offers “the greatest quality mobile photographic system.”

It is surprising that the Huawei P60 Pro which is currently one-year- old occupies position 5 among best smartphones in the world by DXOmark ranking. Among the cameras made by other companies, we are sure that it will remain the king of shapes and sizes.