Galaxy S24 Ultra: Check out all four colors of Samsung’s flagship in these renders

These styles are merely visualizations, but Phone Arena’s images help to see how this phone will look when the final item will be out. As can be seen on the smartphone should be offered in 4 different dresses: within the frame the colors can be seen as – black, grey, purple and yellow. Moreover, online product sales would offer the possibility for Samsung to offer individual colors for people who buy its product online.

The piece will be reflective in nature, with references to the colors orange, light blue and light green that the trusted acquaintances of the sportswear brand mention. Given a scenario where all of this is true, there is in fact a strong chance that we know the galaxy S24 Ultra’s Tech features by heart. Software-wise, Android 14 and the in-house One UI 6.0 interface just came out, so “be easy to imagine” that, Samsung will take life in the software overlay into the smartphone at launch.

Besides, we also just can’t wait to feel the great power that the Galaxy S24 Ultra brings in terms of hardware. While “ordinary” Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus may not get the global advantage of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, it is predicted that only the S24 Ultra will reap this harvest.

among other improvements Galaxy S22 new model is to get stronger M13 OLD panel more accurate and clear. There will also appear a new 50 MP sensor instead of 10 MP 3X telephoto lens. Nevertheless, it will try to impress with its picture and video taking quality, which will be one of the main competitor to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. In addition to this, based on DxOMark’s comparison, the Cupertino phone failed to leave behind only two points in securing the top spot for the best camera phone, says Tandoi.