Android 15 will give you a good reason to use your smartphone in landscape mode

In a version of Android 14, landscape mode is restricted in some ways. In this regard, the surface are of the latter is lemon for the notifications and the toggles of settings that leave a large space that is not actually used at both right and left sides of the screen is too abundant. One can see this situation occur both on Android Samsung Stock and One Ui 6.0. Android 15 observes the mistakes from Android 14 and plans to do better when it comes to the use of limited storage.

Planned improvements for Android 15 include redecorated lock screen, notification and quick settings toggles to TBD the wider land- colt-screen effectively. The lock screen will definitely need to be rotated when the phone is, and then you should see the clock widget in the same position on the left. The be going to lead to right for display notifications. Inputting the PIN Code is, the digits of the numeric keypad are shown on the right while the entered code is visible on the left to increase useful space.

After the unlock, by dropping down the top of the screen swipe down, quick settings toggles and notifications become a common picture on the screen. In this manner, they use each part equally and vacate the total space to the maximum. The caveat of our progress is that our undertaking is fraught with problems as the work is ongoing and only in a conceivably nascent form. The switch to landscape mode may bring up certain bugs that hamper screen stability and slows down response time in case of interactive elements.

At present, this is the core aim of which we’re focusing is to eliminate screen touch delays occurring when accessing notifications or quick settings toggles. There will also be cases when the elements will misalign themselves on the screen without adhering to the proper layout. Of course, as solutions to these issues are in the pipeline towards flawless operation, these issues are going to be fixed before Android 15 is shipped.

Google anticipate to complete this phase by the time when Android 15 comes to light at the Google I/O 2024 that is on Mid-May 14. Along with these, One UI 7.0 would likely gain good experience and improve the multi-window feature giving the Samsung Galaxy device better functionality in landscape mode.