Xiaomi 14T and 14T Pro: specs revealed ahead of official announcement

As Digital Headlines showed based on data taken from HyperOS’s source code, this new smartphone will be powered by essential chipset Dimensity 9300 from MediaTek, the company’s finest product. However, it is also not at the same level with the cutting edge Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. Nonetheless, surely one cannot deny the 9300 brings excellent performance to the table.

This will put these devices to regularly appear in the rankings of the most powerful Android smartphones nowadays every time. The chip set processor is the same as the one used in the previous 13T Pro device that incorporated the Dimensity 9200+ chip.

The most impressive part of the report is that it claims a 14T Pro will hold the use of wireless charging, while 70 Ultra Redmi’s,both of them delivered with similar technical specs, has yet to provide this feature for its users. With wireless charging, Xiaomi has officially brought another key feature at a more affordable price point.

This is also a stressed area on which its improvement will be expected. According to AndroidHeadlines, the telephoto lens of the 14T Pro will have a separating module from that of K70G Ultra’s macro. We should renew that partnership with Leica just as it applies to other of the brand’s top phones.

Other rumors point to the usual features of a flagship device: it can withstand dust, water; wear IP68 durability class. This would give a chance for smartphones to woo a new breed of users who love the fact that this feature appears on the spec sheet even though we where always sure that absence of this feature doesn’t necessarily means that smartphones weren’t water and dust resistant to begin with.

Although we do not quire the details at this moment about pricing and availability, Xiaomi 14T Pro seems like a great competitor for many smartphones released in the same year. As long as Xiaomi sets a price that is reasonably the similar to the older version’s, then we will have a chance to compare the pros and cons.