WhatsApp might just become your favorite phone app thanks to this feature

The old days of ‘keeping it simple’ that WhatsApp had been known for are becoming farce, as their goals are now clear: to be the best messaging app. Last but not least, it cannot do consistently with other competitors, but now it has released a series of improvements and updates which elevates the level of the software a little higher each time. The latest one now tackles an aspect that Meta has been somewhat neglected until now: when they see what their own words and actions can do and the difference they can make, it not only motivates them to be responsible citizens but also imparts a sense of psychological well-being, a feeling of belonging and a sense of purpose.

With its recent development, it really remains no wonder that right now you can simply dial your contact, be it a conversation or your phonebook. On the other side however you can’t contact to a number that is not in your mobile phone. However, this would require you to add this person into your contacts so you can’t really rely on this situation. But it is the beta version of WhatsApp of currently that largely decreases this complexity of creating audio files from text.

This is exactly what the app offers as an idea that is straightforward but tough to implement. For instance, it has a numeric keypad, through which you can easily do a direct Call to the number that whas recently dialed. In addition, the function is the same as if they were to call right into a phone app, but they just do it directly in the app.

This can cause you to be non-specific in a lot of cases. Indeed, there are many cases of which number you don’t want to notice and save but have to dial it. What follows is the fact that, distinctly, you do the opening of your phone app which the dusk gathering has covers. In the same way, your SMS apps are not wanted.

Nevertheless, one cannot fail to speak about numerous restrictions. WhatsApp calls can still go through until have proven that they would work as long as the cellular network is functional even if its would be 4G or 5G, for this until you establish a chat with an unknown person, you will need a 4G or 5G connection. The same requirement will be adapted that you should always have a WhatsApp account to be contacted at any time. Lastly I would like to point out that henceforth it should not be a concern of any longer.