Samsung Galaxy: Green Line Bug Affects These Models After Update

In case smartphone owners everywhere feel like they could end up with some form of a “non-physiological” or “psychological” defect, the fears of those who own a Samsung Galaxy have to be higher than others. One of the notorious boons of this kind of computers is the famed green line bug. Being an interactive icon it is, when its name is called out, the line of green color appears vertically through the entire screen from top to bottom, and there’s no way to clear it off the screen. The cloud shape may also involve a white horizontal line The only possible solution for this case is replacement of the tile.

Unlike other issues in cars that we may easily recognise the cause, this non-sense TV display issue has almost affected all the manufacturer’s cars range and we do not know what the cause is. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20, as well as the latter Galaxy S24 Ultra, is on the list of casualties wrought by these proven facts. The Z Flip 4 also absorbs a bit of the damage. The most probable reason is that the internal part that concerns display is somehow imperfect initially, the reason why the device straight up crashes eventually due to maybe the high of its temperature. However, the issues were not confined to these models, as some experienced the problem much later after the software update.

The last few weeks tell countless stories about the green line bug, downloaded via social media channels. This timeline is created by all of you: people from the Galaxy S21 owner group. S21, S21+, and S21 FE devices are affected by the Display Bug, though S21 Ultra and S21 FE seem to be the ones that encounter such issue the most. The themes are mostly observed following a system update as for example in this case, the issue noticed with the March or April 2024 security patch.

Those experiencing the poor battery issue sought to Samsung service center for the repair, but they got disappointed because their problems weren’t being fixed. Whatever the manufacturer says is the fact well as that the S21 is out of warranty, which is often the case knowing that S21s have been around for 3 years.